2017.10.26 [Event Reports]
The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival – Contest of beauty among actresses in colorful dresses and kimonos!



The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival opened on October 25th in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. Guests who appeared in the feature films of Japan Now section, including Sakura Ando, Yu Aoi, Hikari Mitsuru, Aoi Miyazaki and also the guests from Japanese film industry and countries all over the world walked the red carpet and brightly decorated the venue.
Ando appeared in a chic black satin bow tie blouse ensembled with trousers while Aoi dressed in a white kimono with sense of dignity. Mitsushima appeared in a red long dress with gorgeous spangles and Miyazaki appeared in a chiffon fabric dress with ethnic style prints. Cheers were given with great enthusiasm from guests gathered by the path to the contemporary four muses of the Japanese film world.
Kana Hashimoto, who was selected as a Festival Ambassador strode the red carpet first with a high waist maxi dress with black as a core color. Alice Hirose of the “Miko Girl” from the Special Screenings section appeared in a shrine maiden costume with a solemn atmosphere and the fans were delighted with her pretty appearance.
Honoka Yahaki, Hirona Yamazaki, Kadowaki Mugi and Tokiwa Takako who appears in “Hanagatami” of Japan Now Section brightly decorated the red carpet with costumes that showed its uniqueness as well. Manami Konishi of Special Screenings section “Midnight Bus” wore the uniquely designed pale pink long dress that had frill with volume fit stylishly with her graceful figure.
Zhao Wei, a popular actress from Greater China who serves as a member of the film festival jury; a Malaysian actress, Sharifah Amani who performed in Isao Yukisada’s short film, “Pigeon” in Asian Three – Fold Mirror also participated in the ceremony. The actresses from Asian countries wore boldly designed dresses and traditional folk costumes which delighted the eyes of viewing audiences.
The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival is held from October 25th thru November 3rd at Tokyo Roppongi Hills, EX THEATER ROPPONGI and other theaters. Stage greetings and teach-in events by domestic and foreign guests from Competition section and Special Screenings are held every day.

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