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From the Festival Director
A Time and Place to Share in the Excitement of Cinema
It is a great honor to begin my term as Festival Director of the Tokyo International Film Festival.
TIFF is celebrating its milestone 30th edition in 2017. In reviewing our 29-edition history, we have renewed the principles that will guide the festival as we move forward. Our TIFF 30 Vision encapsulates our commitment to share the joys of cinema, propel exchange between film professionals, and cultivate a future for film.
As part of our efforts to share the joys of cinema, this year TIFF is adding three new programs to its calendar: the Midnight Film Festival, Cinema Arena 30 and Godzilla Cinema Concerts. The Midnight Film Festival is an all-night 6-screen event; Cinema Arena 30 is a series of 30 film screenings in the Roppongi Hills Arena throughout the festival run; and Godzilla Cinema Concerts are screenings of the original Godzilla, accompanied by a live orchestra. To propel exchange between film professionals TIFF is setting up three hubs in the Roppongi Hills complex ━ the Hills Café, the O-Yane Plaza and the Roppongi Hills Arena ━ in which film professionals and film lovers can meet. And finally, as part of our efforts to cultivate a future for film, TIFF will present a Tribute to the Musical to pass on the joys of film-going to the next generation. TIFF is also conducting the TIFF 2017: Teens Meet Cinema project to let young people experience the fun of filmmaking.
To celebrate this milestone year, TIFF has unveiled colorful key visuals featuring Mika Ninagawa’s photography. Artwork decorating the Roppongi Hills and Toho Cinemas venues will be especially vibrant in comparison with past editions.
TIFF is also strengthening its collaboration with its TIFFCOM content market, which is moving to a new venue in Ikebukuro this year. TIFF aims to contribute to the development and expansion of film not just as a culture but also as an industry.
Film festivals exist to provide a time and place to share in the allure and delights of cinema. We at TIFF aim to program a rich and diverse lineup, and to create a festive event with widespread appeal. We hope many will come to participate in and enjoy the festival.
We look forward to your continued interest and involvement.
Takeo Hisamatsu
Festival Director
30th Tokyo International Film Festival
Takeo Hisamatsu joined Shochiku Co., Ltd in 1978, and in 1986 became manager of Shochiku USA’s Little Tokyo Cinema, Los Angeles. He returned to Tokyo in 1989 and was appointed senior manager of the Exhibition Department. In 1994, he joined Time Warner Entertainment Japan as General Director of the Theatrical Distribution Department, Warner Bros. Pictures Japan. In 2001, he rejoined Shochiku as Director of the Theatrical Distribution Department, Production and Acquisition, and became an Executive Managing Director in 2003. He was named president of what is now Shochiku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. in 2006, and in 2010 rejoined Warner Entertainment Japan Inc. as Deputy General Manager of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan. In 2015, he established his own company, My Way Movies, where he serves as president. Over the past several years, Hisamatsu has participated in the production of such renowned films as Unforgiven (2013, directed by Lee Sang-il), Rurouni Kenshin (2012, Keishi Ohtomo), Air Doll (2009, Hirokazu Kore-eda), Dear Doctor (2009, Miwa Nishikawa), Still Walking (2008, Hirokazu Kore-eda), All Around Us (2008, Ryosuke Hashiguchi) and Love and Honor | Bushi no ichibun (2006, Yoji Yamada).
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