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Entertainment and Art in Symmetry
In its 30th edition, the Tokyo International Film Festival remains fully committed to sharing the joys of cinema and cultivating cultural exchanges between filmmakers and film lovers.
As we move forward, TIFF’s vision is to be:
By highlighting exceptional work from around the world, we connect our audiences with a range of countries, regions, genres and themes. We will continue to present the wonders of film in all their diversity and richness, and to host an expansive festival with widespread appeal.
We function as a primary hub for all those engaged in the creation and business of Japan, Asia and world cinema. By providing opportunities to meet and interact, we help empower them and contribute to new collaborative endeavors.
We will continue opening doors for emerging creators, giving them greater exposure and helping them thrive. We will also continue enlightening young fans, nurturing future generations of filmgoers by sharing with them the joys of cinema.
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