2017.10.17 [Updates]
TIFF Master Classes Special Exhibition of The Wolves of the East In parallel with Naomi Kawase Special Talk Event

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will host a special exhibition of The Wolves of the East (Directed by Carlos M. Quintela) in parallel with TIFF Master Class: Naomi Kawase Special Talk Event on Saturday, October 28.

The Wolves of the East was produced by the film project NARAtive which is one of the Nara International Film Festival projects, for which Kawase served as executive director. NARAtive invites emerging filmmakers to create films in Nara prefecture with an aim to promote beautiful Nara to rest of Japan and abroad. The film was mainly filmed in Higashi Yoshino village, Nara. You can look closely at the attraction of the film at the exhibition which also unveils the making of the film.   Naomi Kawase_photographed by LESLIE KEE

photographed by LESLIE KEE

Special exhibition of The Wolves of the East
Date and Time: Saturday, October 28, 2017 12:00 – 18:30 (tentative)
Venue: Roppongi Hills Academyhills 49F Tower Hall
Free of charge *Please sign your name at the reception
The Wolves of the East

©Nara International Film Festival & Seven Sisters Films

Akira, who used to travel around the world as a sailor, is now a hunter in a village where wolves disappeared 100 years ago. After he overspends community money on his obsessive hunts, his colleagues spurn him. In a solitude, he complicates his love for a woman, who he met in Cuba when he was a sailor, and his obsession with a wolf after losing his job and friends. His imagination spreads endlessly, like Yoshino forest, and he decides to go into the deep forest to kill a wolf as he is possessed to believe that a wolf is a spirit of Higashi Yoshino in Nara prefecture.
Director : Carlos M. Quintela
Cast :Tatsuya Fuji, Shima Onishi, Masahiro Kobori
Japan=UK=Switzerland=Brazil / 2017 / 79min / Color / HD
Screenplay: Carlos M. Quintela, Abel Arcos / Cinematography: Yutaka Yamazaki
Executive Producer: Naomi Kawase
TIFF master class with director Naomi Kawase, that the session will include a special screening of The Wolves of the East, for which Kawase served as executive producer.
*Registration has closed due to limit of seating capacity.

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