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In memoriam: Seijun Suzuki, Director

Seijun Suzuki, an internationally acclaimed veteran Japanese director has passed away on February 13 at the age of ninety-three. He made his directorial debut with Victory Is Mine in 1956 and directed outstanding films including Zigeunerweisen (1980) which won Honourable Mention at the 31st Berlin International Film Festival, Kagero-za (1981) and Yumeji (1991). After 1980, he also appeared in various films as an actor.
Tokyo International Film Festival had the privilege to screen his directed film, The Tokyo Wanderer (1966) in Nippon Cinema Classics section at the 8th Tokyo International Film Festival in 1995. He also served as a member of jury of Young Competition Section along with Wim Wenders, Claudie Ossard, Paul Auster and Leslie Cheung at the 6th Tokyo International Film Festival in 1993.
In memoriam: Seijun Suzuki, Director

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Photo: Director Suzuki Seijun at the festival party.

We pray that his soul may rest in peace.
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