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The Midnight Film Festival
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Animation
Premiere of the clay animation created as a celebration for the 300th episode of CINEMA STUDIO on WOWOW, and screening of 5 films directed by Makoto Shinkai. Movie Fairy FILL and Moo 2017 | 6min. ...
Director: Toshiko Hata | Makoto Shinkai
/World Premiere ( Movie Fairy FILL and Moo )
  • 10/28 20:00-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Drama
  • Horror
George A. Romero's Martin , Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead together in a horrifying all-nighter! MARTIN 1977 | 96min. Part Color English 18-year-old Martin believes he is a blood-s...
Director: George A. Romero
  • 10/28 22:00-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Comedy
  • Romance
Three stylish movies telling stories about life, love and fashion in New York City are presented with women in mind. Annie Hall 1977 | 94min. Color English Woody Allen's Oscar-winning romantic co...
Director: Woody Allen(Annie Hall) | Andrew Rossi(The First Monday in May) | Noah Baumbach(Frances Ha)
  • 10/28 23:00-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Horror
  • Suspense
To celebrate the release of Jigsaw, join us for a special screening together with the rest of the Saw series. Jigsaw 2017 | 92min. Color English Grab a front-row seat and see if you can keep from...
Director: The Spierig Brothers(Jigsaw) | James Wan(Saw) | Darren Lynn Bousman(SawⅡ,SawⅢ)
/Japanese Premiere
  • 10/28 21:00-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Comedy
The feast of up-and-coming directors, SHINPA, is joining to TIFF. With previous five screenings , the legend surrounding this special event has grown. Ten young directors will screen their new film...
Director: Rikiya Imaizumi | Tatsuo Kobayashi | Aimi Satsukawa | Risa Takeuchi | Yusuke Tsutsumi | Ken Ninomiya | Maeno Tomoya | Hana Matsumoto | Yuka Yasukawa | Daichi Watanabe
/World Premiere
  • 10/28 21:40-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Horror
The Midnight Film Festival Pre-Event
Michael Jackson's Thriller 3D 14min. Color English | 2017 USA Michael Jackson's horror masterpiece, which revolutionized music videos, is realized in 3D through the latest technology. Michael Jacks...
Director: John Landis, Stanley Winston
  • 10/28 16:00-
The Midnight Film Festival
  • Documentary
GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM features George’s incredible, unseen archival and private home-footage, giving viewers a first-person account of this dramatic period in his life – revealing how he became o...
Director: George Michael and David Austin
/Japanese Premiere
  • 10/28 23:45-
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