• The Midnight Film Festival
SHINPA vol.6 in Tokyo International Film Festival
Director: Rikiya Imaizumi | Tatsuo Kobayashi | Aimi Satsukawa | Risa Takeuchi | Yusuke Tsutsumi | Ken Ninomiya | Maeno Tomoya | Hana Matsumoto | Yuka Yasukawa | Daichi Watanabe
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10/28 21:40- (-min)
  • Greetings from the stage
Greetings from the Stage of Hana Matsumoto (Director) has been cancelled. (Updated 10/26)
Guest (tentative): Greetings from the Stage: Rikiya Imaizumi (Director), Tatsuo Kobayashi (Director), Aimi Satsukawa (Director), Risa Takeuchi (Director), Yusuke Tsutsumi (Director), Ken Ninomiya (Director), Tomoya Maeno (Director), Yuka Yasukawa (Director), Daichi Watanabe (Director)
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The feast of up-and-coming directors, SHINPA, is joining to TIFF. With previous five screenings , the legend surrounding this special event has grown. Ten young directors will screen their new films for the very first time. Join us for an all-night celebration of fresh filmmaking.

2017 | 23min. Color Japanese
Director : Rikiya Imaizumi
Cast : Kei Shiromizu
Story : A child who does not know red, blue and green learns about these primary colors.

It Girls: Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
2017 | 38min. Part Color Japanese, Chinese
Director : Tatsuo Kobayashi
Cast : Haru Izumi, Ayumu Nakajima, miu
Story : Lisa and CK are cigarette promo models and close friends. Their relationship starts to change following the publication of a photo that brings one of them media attention.

2017 | 14min. Color Japanese
Director : Aimi Satsukawa
Cast : Nanako Shibata
Story : She yearns for someone and someone yearns for her. When she breaks her shell, will her world be bright?

2017 | 35minn. Color Japanese
Director : Risa Takeuchi
Cast : Kiyoko Baba, Hiroto Kanai, Yukikazu Suzuki
Story : After a fateful night, a young woman starts carrying a chair wherever she goes. This short film shows how a date rape completely alters a university student’s life.
©Risa Takeuchi

The Perfect Grey
2017 | 54min. Color Japanese
Director : Yusuke Tsutsumi
Cast : Ayako Ishikawa, Hiroyuki Shigeta, Erika Sugiyama
Story : Five years after abandoning her husband and child, Haru is reunited with her brother Akio and his lover in remote mountains. As Haru starts opening up, events take a turn.
©Artificial Naked Woman

2017 | 36min. Color Japanese
Director : Ken Ninomiya
Cast : Masashi Komura, Hidenobu Abera, Tomoki Kimura, Fighter Matsumoto
Story : In what could be described as a fantasy film, four men sharing a tiny room enjoy an easy-going life before women enter the scene.
©ashtray arts

2017 | 16min. Color Japanese
Director : Tomoya Maeno
Cast : Shohei Uno, Yuki Katayama, Tomoya Maeno
Story : Haruo, a part-time futon shop worker, is passionate about practicing sumo with a schoolgirl. While wrestling on a hot day, he collapses from heat exhaustion.

Let go of my teen days
2017 | 46min. Color Japanese
Director : Hana Matsumoto
Cast : Haruna Hori, Kai Inowaki, Marika Matsumoto
Story : An old pair of ballet shoes, a mother's abandoned red hairpin, an apple for a rabbit, and a boy who likes his teacher are all once-adored remnants of a teenage life.
©2017 Hana Matsumoto

Eternal girl
2017 | 23min. Color Japanese
Director : Yuka Yasukawa
Cast : Jun Aonami, Riku Hagiwara, Asami Shibuya
Story : Sonoko, who escapes from a hospital, is played by Jun Aonami of Wonderful World End. Riku Hagiwara, fresh from his performance in INNOCENT 15, plays Hayato.
©2017 Yuka Yasukawa

2017 | 42min. Color Japanese, English
Director : Daichi Watanabe
Cast : Haruka Takahashi, Hinako Sasaki, Hiro Hamilton
Story : One summer’s day in Yokosuka, a lover’s quarrel leads to new encounters and some growing up. Young actors with little previous experience created this youthful piece.
Director Rikiya Imaizumi | Tatsuo Kobayashi | Aimi Satsukawa | Risa Takeuchi | Yusuke Tsutsumi | Ken Ninomiya | Maeno Tomoya | Hana Matsumoto | Yuka Yasukawa | Daichi Watanabe

Rikiya Imaizumi : Imaizumi is participating in the TIFF for the fourth time this year after previously exhibiting his films Sad Tea, Their Distance, Same Old, Same Old and our blue moment.

Tatsuo Kobayashi:Kobayashi directed Country Girl, The Secret Sharer, period drama Gassoh, and short film After Hours, about the decline of record stores in Shibuya.

Aimi Satsukawa:Satsukawa makes made directorial debut after roles in The Samurai I Loved (2005), Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers! (2007), Himeanole (2015) and Yurigokoro (2017).

Risa Takeuchi:Takeuchi made her feature debut with her graduation piece Michiteiku, released at cinemas in 2014. This is her first short film after completing film studies.

Yusuke Tsutsumi:Tsutsumi was born in Tokyo in 1991. In addition to directing, he has provided scores for a number of films as a musician.

Ken Ninomiya:The director’s previous credits include SLUM-POLIS, MATSUMOTO TRIBE Tribe, and THE LIMIT OF SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Maeno Tomoya:The actor-director starred in Footed Tadpoles, which won the Jury's Special Award and Cinegar Award Prize at the Yubari International Fantasctic Film Festival.

Hana Matsumoto:Born in 1998, Matsumoto directed Dadadada Seventeen, School Outsider, HKT48's music video for "Kiss wa Matsushika Nainodeshoka?" and Sonoko Inoue's "Taisetsu na Kimi e".

Yuka Yasukawa:Yasukawa, who self-distributed her debut feature Dressing Up (2013), won the Best New Director Award at the 25th Japanese Professional Movie Awards.

Daichi Watanabe:An actor and singer in rock band Kuroneko Chelsea, Watanabe studied film at Tokyo Zokei University. His graduation film The Motors was released nationwide in 2015.

Staff RED, BLUE and GREEN :Director:Rikiya Imaizumi

It Girls: Anytime Smokin' Cigarette :Director/Screenplay:Tatsuo Kobayashi, Producer:Tokushi Suzuki, Cinematographer:Kenji Maki, Lighting:Naoto Tanoue, Sound Recordist:Takamitsu Kawai

SHE/LL :Director:Aimi Satsukawa, Cinematographer:Yusuke Kojima, Cinematographer:Kei Nakase, Music:Taiyo Amakawa, Music:Hegira Moya

Swirl :Director/Screenplay:Risa Takeuchi, Screenplay:Emi Oishi, Cinematographer:Shohei Matsushima, Lighting:Masaki Shirota, Sound Director:Masateru Kawakami

The Perfect Grey :Director:Daichi Watanabe, Producer/Sound Director:Ryusuke Iso, Cinematographer:Ryuzo Nakazato, Lighting:PETA, Production Designer:Mai Ueyama

LOCAL RULE :Director:Yusuke Tsutsumi, Screenplay:Shuhei Harada, Lighting:Katsumi Sasaki, Music:Ai Ogasa

HARUO :Director:Ken Ninomiya, Cinematographer:Shota Yamamoto, Lighting:Naoto Tanoue

Let go of my teen days :Director:Tomoya Maeno, Original Story:Yusuke Mizuno, Cinematographer:Yasuo Tani, Sound Recordist:Asuka Nemoto, Visual Effects Artist:Kazuaki Yonemura

Eternal girl :Director:Hana Matsumoto, Producer:Mayuko Amanashi, Original Story:Kazuhisa Kotera, Cinematographer:Hiroshi Okuyama, Music:The Radiocassettes

SUMMER KIDS :Director/Screenplay:Yuka Yasukawa, Producer:Motoaki Aoki, Sound Director:Kosuke Kuramoto, Sound Recordist:Masaya Kusakabe, Music:Hiroyuki Onogawa, Theme Song:Izumi Makura
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