• Competition
[ Il Cratere ]
Director: Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
  • Drama
International Premiere
©Tfilm 2017
Schedule & Ticket
EX Theater Roppongi
10/26 19:55- (93min)
  • Q&A
Guest (tentative): Q&A: Silvia Luzi (Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor), Luca Bellino (Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor), Sharon Caroccia (Actress), Rosario Caroccia (Actor/Screenplay)
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11/01 14:35- (93min)
  • Q&A
Guest (tentative): Q&A: Silvia Luzi (Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor), Luca Bellino (Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor)
Tickets ¥1500,
Student Tickets ¥1000
Student Tickets at the Door ¥500 Available from 0:00
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Discovering that his daughter has a gift for singing, a man who supports his family by selling stuffed toys on the rough streets of Naples dedicates himself to promoting her career in this startlingly realistic drama.
Director Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino

Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino investigate methods of resistance against power, in all its forms. As directors, they have received several international awards and nominations, and as producers, they are CEOs of Tfilm, a production company based in Rome. Tfilm marked itself for the strong social and political connotations of its titles. Their productions are characterized by a style that combines observation cinema and current events.

Staff Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor : Silvia Luzi
Director/Screenplay/Producer/Editor : Luca Bellino
Screenplay : Rosario Caroccia
Original Music : Alessandro Paolini
Sound Designer : Stefano Grosso
Sound Editor : Daniela Bassani
Sound Editor : Marzia Cordò
Sound Editor : Giancarlo Rutigliano
Post Production : Mauro Vicentini
Cast Sharon Caroccia
Rosario Caroccia
Tina Amariutei
Assunta Arcella
Imma Benvenuto
Eros Caroccia
93min. Color Italian | 2017 Italy |
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