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  • TIFF 2017: Teens Meet Cinema
TIFF 2017: Teens Meet Cinema
Director: Team BLUE | Team RED | Team YELLOW | Team GREEN | Takashi Nishihara
  • Youth Drama
  • Documentary
World Premiere
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10/29 13:00- (-min)
  • Q&A
Guest (tentative): Q&A: Nobuhiro Suwa (Lead Mentor), Takashi Nishihara (Director), [Team BLUE] Manami Uehara (Director), Eriko Ono (Director), Haruka Suzumura (Director), Haruta Takemaru (Director), Toshiki Fujimiya (Director), [Team RED] Yura Aoki (Director), Haruka Ito (Director), Maho Saito (Director), Yuta Sasaki (Director), Ran Takano (Director), Hiroyuki Yamada (Director), [Team YELLOW] Osuke Kawano (Director), Sousuke Shiotsuki (Director), Yuzu Hattori (Director), Michiharu Morito (Director), [Team GREEN] Urara Ichijo (Director), Soma Takehana (Director), Nene Mukai (Director), Ryusei Yamaguchi (Director), Tomoki Yoshida (Director)
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A filmmaking workshop for junior high school students was held in Daikanyama, Tokyo during the summer holidays. With director Nobuhiro Suwa as the lead mentor, the students developed a script, shoot and edit.

Hidden Feelings
2017 | 8min. Color Japanese
A mysterious elevator transports Reiko to a parallel world, but she is not alone — her bully classmates are also there!
Director : Team BLUE

Diary of the Tragedies
2017 | 10min. Color Japanese
The paths of three strangers, including a mysterious man with amnesia, converge in this social thriller.
Director : Team RED

Lonely BOX
2017 | 7min. Color Japanese
A girl gripped with fear sstruggles to hold onto reality. Walking home, she sees a masked man. But is he really there?
Director : Team YELLOW

The Silence of the Exploding Drums
2017 | 13min. Color Japanese
As six teenage actors gather fr the filming of a drama, jealousy between the young stars threatens to explode on set.
Director : Team GREEN

When A Film is Born
2017 | 31min. Color Japanese
Documentary director Takashi Nishihara follows 23 junior high school students at "TIFF 2017: Teens Meet Cinema" over 9 days.
Director : Takashi Nishihara
Director Team BLUE | Team RED | Team YELLOW | Team GREEN | Takashi Nishihara

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